Guardians over London - Xavier Mascaró’s UK debut at London’s Saatchi Gallery

  • SP KOREN ART to host UK’s first exhibition by leading Ibero-Latin American sculptor Xavier Mascaró at London’s Saatchi Gallery
  • Work included in the show taken from Xavier’s monumental ‘Guardians’, ‘Eleanoras’ and ‘Departures’ series
  • Exhibition opens 3 September 2014, press preview 10 September - RSVP to spkoren@kallaway.com
  • All works for sale by appointment. For sales information contact sp.koren@yahoo.com
  • For images, interviews and information, please contact spkoren@kallaway.com

International art consultancy and specialists in contemporary Latin American and Spanish artwork, SP Koren Art, brings work by world-class sculptor Xavier Mascaró to London’s Saatchi Gallery for his UK debut.

The exhibition includes Mascaró’s striking ‘Guardians’ series; these rusted iron warriors appear both imposing and placid, embodying a constant duality that is emphasized by the sculptures’ enormous scale. According to Mascaró, these ornate metallic ‘Guardians’, ranging from five to almost nine-and-a-half feet tall are inspired by iconography of medieval armour, as well as the archetypal elements found in ancient Egyptian and Greek art.

Other works on display at the Saatchi Gallery are equally impressive metalworks created in Xavier’s workshops in Madrid and Mexico. These include beautifully intricate metal face reliefs, known as ‘Eleanoras’, which combine different materials to create delicate facial expressions. The exhibition will also feature work from Xavier’s ‘Departure’ series, including large-scale metal boats; sculptural pieces reminiscent of a long-forgotten shipwreck.

Xavier Mascaró is an internationally renowned artist who has exhibited in Madrid, New York, Buenos Ares, Los Angeles, and Paris. In his first UK show, his sculptures reveal adventurous experimentation with traditional techniques, integrating both art history and his own personal memory and culminating in work which transcends barriers of time.

Xavier Mascaró, describes the inspiration behind the work:

“I am interested in the way that certain images from ancient cultures - far removed
from our lives both physically and temporarily - can combine with others. I have many images in my memory that originate from other time periods, places, or even with something I just happen to see passing by in the street.”

Esperanza Koren, curator of Xavier Mascaró’s show at Saatchi Gallery, says:

“As we have seen with the Saatchi Gallery’s 2014 exhibition programme, there is a surge in popularity for Latin American art. Xavier Mascaró’s exhibition will push this trend further by demonstrating the intrinsic link between Latin America and the historical Iberian influences that flow into work from the region.

This is a landmark exhibition for Saatchi Gallery and we look forward to seeing these extraordinary pieces in a British context.”

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About SP Koren Art
SP Koren Art is an international art consultancy that pools its resources around the modern and contemporary art world. With twenty years experience, it is recognised as a leading advisory group within the Ibero-Latin American contemporary and modern art space.

SP Koren Art’s experience provides a creative conduit as well as a robust commercial acumen that has been relied upon by their longstanding client base. The company is proud of their record, continuity and prowess in acquiring and collecting art on behalf of their private and corporate clients.

About Xavier Mascaró
Xavier Mascaró was born in 1965 in Paris and moved to Spain three years later with his family.

He honed his artistic skills in Barcelona and produced some of his first paintings and etchings. Between 1983 and 1988 he was formally trained at the Barcelona School of Fine Arts, finishing his studies with a specialty in painting.

After completion of his academic studies, he began experimenting with other mediums and produced his first pieces made of bronze.

From this point onward, Mascaró would explore a variety of materials including iron, resin, ceramic, stained glass, fabric and stone. By transitioning to sculpture, Mascaró discovered an entirely new world of expressive opportunity. Instead of limiting his creative process to a single medium, he was able to integrate a variety of textures and scale by working in the third dimension.

His work has been exhibited at several international venues including the Palais Royal in Paris, Marlborough Gallery in New York, and Kunsthistorisches Museum in Vienna.

While he may find inspiration in the past, he is producing some of the most innovative work in contemporary sculpture today.

Esperanza Koren biography
Having originally trained as an architect, Esperanza has gone on to enhance her credentials over the last twenty years by consciously broadening her creative focus in a number of related fields within design and the visual arts. Her passion for aesthetics and art has been allowed to flourish due to the diversity of her portfolio of work and clients. As a buyer and seller of masterpieces by some of the 20th century’s greatest artists, Esperanza also promotes some of the word’s leading contemporary Ibero-Latin American practitioners.

Esperanza has worked on major commercial and private property development projects as well as offering her creativity to a number of major entertainment industry networks.

Esperanza has never lost sight of the importance of remaining engaged with artists and the creative process. She draws inspiration from a deep-seated appreciation for both modern and contemporary art. A regular visitor to international art fairs, buying works both for her own collection and for clients, she has acquired an intimate knowledge of the dynamics of the global art market.

She has established herself as a conduit between buyers and sellers of exceptional fine art; supporter of emerging and established contemporary artists; enabler of exhibitions in leading institutions; and orchestrator of monumental sculptures and large-scale installations in public and private spaces.

Working across a number of countries including Brazil, China, Colombia, Israel, Spain and the USA, Esperanza has established an exceptional international contact base and a broad knowledge of different markets and cultural traditions. She has access to some of the world's leading private collections and has a finely tuned awareness for where best to place available works.

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